segunda-feira, dezembro 23, 2013

sábado, junho 01, 2013

1 de junho - Dia da Criança

A festa começa cedo com as compras. Depois o ponto de encontro são as escolas, neste caso a Escola Primária Dona Maria de Jesus.


quarta-feira, abril 03, 2013

A ler..

... o artigo "CHOCOLATE AND SLAVERY", escrito por Samantha Weinberg:

 "Although the islands are steamily beautiful, it is hard to imagine what made Portugal think that they would be a useful colony. They’re small—only 1,001km between the two of them—volcanic and thickly vegetated. Exploring São Tomé and Príncipe, on foot, by jeep and on a bike, I am struck again and again by the power of that nature, both to feed—crops grow here almost visibly—and to destroy. The pavements of the capital (also called São Tomé) are ruptured by roots that force their way up through the thick stone. In the virgin rainforest, giant figs strangle the life out of tall oka trees and without constant care each cacao tree or coffee bush is soon smothered under a blanket of vines, so it is almost impossible to make out where the abandoned plantations were."

 Fonte: Intelligent Life (março / Abril 2013)